Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Usually when I get a game app sent my way, I never know what the game is, or what I should expect from it. When Need for Speed hit my inbox, I jumped all over it. Who doesn’t love a good racing game on your iPhone? That’s right—everybody loves them! They’re fun to play on a console and fun to play with a small hand-held.

So what we have here is a version of NFS: Hot Pursuit from Electronic Arts. Some of you may have played this game already and loved it. I sure did. You can fully expect to be in control of your car from beginning to end. In order to steer your car, just simply tilt the iPhone (or iPod touch) like you would a normal steering wheel. It takes a bit to get used to, but it’s well worth it and makes for a great game. To streamline the entire game, you have auto-acceleration on, leaving room for your break, nitrous, and map. EA did a fantastic job at fitting this great game into a small screen.

In this app you’ll get a fully functional game, in which you’ll be able to choose your career path as a cop or street racer. Both individual careers feature different tasks and types of races, and a full set of achievements to be earned.

Whether you’re going the route of the law to cut down on street racers, or telling the 5-0 to eat your dust, you will certainly enjoy the heck out of the game. Then you can go ahead and tell your friends about the game so that you can get together for quite possibly the best part of the game: local multi-player.

Within the realms of your connected Wi-Fi network, you and a friend are able to race head to head in NFS: Hot Pursuit to see who is ultimately the best racer in the game. I didn’t experience much lag, if any at all when I drifted my way to the finish line well before he did. This will of course be different for others. But overall it was a fun mode to play. It’s great to see games incorporating this in to their apps now.

I should also note how incredibly awesome the cut scenes are in this game. They’re beautiful. The graphic work on it is as close to high-def as you can get on an iPhone. They’re crisp, clear, highly detailed, and very realistic. The gameplay graphics are edgy but still completely playable and very good looking once you get going. I’m definitely looking forward to see what EA can come up with for their next Need for Speed app! Until next time, keep the pedal to the metal!

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