Sparrow Updated For Retina Display, Mountain Lion

Sparrow, a popular mail client for OS X, was recently updated to version 1.6.2. This update brings a slew of minor updates to Sparrow, including standard bug fixes and memory optimization options as well as an update for POP notifications. However, a few larger changes were made to Sparrow as well. These include Retina sisplay  and OS X Mountain Lion compatibility so you can take advantage of your MacBook Pro’s 5.1 million pixels while browsing your email.

If you would like to view the full Sparrow 1.6.2 changelog, you’re in luck as it’s listed below (credit: The Verge). Keep in mind that as of now only Sparrow users who purchased the app via the Sparrow Store will be receiving the update today as Apple is still in the process of approving the App Store version.


  • Mountain Lion and Notification Center support
  • Retina display support
  • Send & Archive in Quick reply
  • Always expand messages option
  • Always show the ‘i’ section
  • Fixed close/minimize/zoom button behavior
  • Enabling always show info will show info of the opened messages
  • Enabling always expand all will expand all messages

Bug fix:

  • Growl Notification with Growl 1.3
  • Growl Notification for POP accounts
  • Memory consumption improvement

Source: The Verge

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