Sorry TomTom, You’re a No Go

    Around mid August, TomTom released their much talked about iPhone app. While this was something most everyone was waiting for, the app came up a bit short. Why do I say that, you may ask? Plain and simple, the app is way overpriced. Unfortunately, TomTom never responded to any of my emails about questions of the app, or the reasoning of the price point. So here you will be getting my opinion based off of having no questions answered. First, I have never been a TomTom fan. But this iPhone release could have been an even bigger event. TomTom really missed out on a huge market. Currently as of this posting the app is $99 USD. That is a huge chunk of change to throw down on an iPhone app. If they would have released the app for $20 I may have made the purchase. However, that being said, I prefer the use of google maps over turn by turn GPS. I know, I am an odd person. But I was raised in the time of real maps too. TomTom has also set themselves up to be undercut. Hell, AT&T’s own navigation app undercuts the TomTom app. The only difference is with the at&t app you pay a monthly service charge. There is another iPhone app called Roadee that is only $1.99. Sure, it doesn’t use the TomTom navigation, but it is still a huge savings. But let’s not forget the car kit from TomTom which is predicted to be an additional $149. I am sorry TomTom, but you are a 100% no go for me and I am sure a no go for several other iPhone users out there. For $100 I might as well buy a real TomTom, or just wait until Black Friday and pick one up for $35 at Walmart.

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