Software Updates, and clean installs.

Why is it that we still have to do updates after a clean install of os x? I spent the better part of my morning fiddling with my Mac Pro, trying to get OS X server off of it, and putting OS X Client edition back onto it. Talk about a pain in my ass. I did a EFI Upgrade that I’ve been putting off for well over 4 months, and for some reason my monitor was going all nuts. Uggh. Anyway, back to the issue at hand! By the time I got around to doing the clean install I was met with a rather annoying realization. Once this install is done, I then have to do a software update. I hate it. I get all excited to play with my new toy, and instead of the instant gratification I expected… I have to wait! In this day and age, wouldn’t it be possible to have the install automatically go online, get the necessary updates and apply the patches without me having to do it once the install is complete? Is it really that hard to accomplish? I’m pretty sure other distro’s do it… and if i’m wrong about that… maybe apple should lead the way.

Joshua Schnell

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