Snapseed Wins Best Mobile Photo App 2012

The Technical Image Press Association (whoever they are) has bequeathed the “Best Mobile Photo App” distinction upon Nik Software’s Snapseed, praising it for “true ‘photographic’ choice of image effects color, toning, framing and sharpness of images, plus all effects can be combined.” Naturally, Michael J. Slater, President and CEO of Nik Software, is puffing out his chest with pride and is quite happy to receive the award (second year in a row, too), saying “As we continue our reach to customers around the world we appreciate being recognized by an international organization representing imaging and photography customers worldwide.”

Snapseed is a super-slick photo editing app for iOS that lends professional-level photo editing to Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod on-board cameras, but makes it easy with the tapping and swiping user experience that those devices’ owners have come to know. It’s got a bit of that “Instagram” feel as well, offering filters to add graininess, noise or to just create a vintage effect.

Snapseed rings in at a modest $4.99 and now comes with Technical Image Press Association award goodness.


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