Simon Classic — Short term Memory is long gone

I am sure you all remember that game we used to play as kids: “Simon says.”  Category 5 games put out their own version for the iPhone in the app Simon Classic.

The verdict is: Simon says I can count and remember up to 14 steps!  Although I found the game to be almost too simple, my competitive nature mixed with the frustrating nature of this relatively easy game made it that there are a few minutes hours of the past week I’ll never get back.

Concept of the game is quite easy; “Simon” will light up and make sound on one of four colors, your role is to remember the sequence and repeat after. Rinse, repeat.

The game features:

  • Classic Simon Style Gameplay
  • Four Speed  Levels
  • Four Sound Options

Verdict: A fun game to kill time on the go as long as you can handle the frustration of the game.

Photo Credit: secretlondon123

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