Silverback: Guerilla Usability Testing For The Mac

    One of the final steps of a web development project is usability testing. Until this point, most of us have had to go through some pretty tedious practices to ensure that we were collecting all the data we needed from beta testers. It’s a dreaded but necessary process. Surely there has to be a simpler way to collect the data. Until this point, there has not been a stand out application.

    This is where Silverback comes in.

    Silverback lets you capturea user’sscreen, record their facial reactions to a website with a webcam, and catalog the results. It then gives you the ability to export the files in a quicktime format so that you can archive it, edit it, or do just about anything you want with it. It allows you to have multiple projects, with multiple subjects on each project.

    If you have been avoiding usability testing, or more importantly ignoring it all together, Silverback is the application that will get you back in the fastlane, so long as you don’t have Aspbergers. If that’s the case, you may want to outsource the usability videos for someone else to look at.

    If you have to do a ton of usability testing, the price tag is a steal. The application is intuitive and straightforward, and the website design is phenomenal. Amazing work done by Paul Annett at Clearleft.

    And, that logo is something else! Mr. Hicks is the Man.

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