ShoveBox: Saving Scraps From Around Your System.

This application is genius in my opinion. How many times do you get a snippet of information you need to store somewhere for later retrieval? Email Address, URL, favourite quote, lyric? I’m always opening up text edit and throwing in a quick little tidbit of info and saving it to my desktop, and at the frequency that I carry out that little task my desktop is fuller than a frat boy after homecoming. Enter Shovebox! It’s a place to keep these tidbits of information so you no longer have to have a bazillion files with one phrase of text in them. Essentially you drag and drop what ever you want to copy onto the menubar icon, and it stores it for you in an orderly manner. Think of it as a clipboard on crack. You can even set up keyboard short cuts to get the information into Shovebox. It’s pretty nifty.

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