Sam & Max: The City That Dares Not Sleep is out now

It’s official: The final episode of Season 3 of Sam & Max “The Devil’s Playhouse” is now available for your consumption. If you’re already an owner of this season of Sam & Max, all you have to do is download today’s episode from the Your Games section. If you’ve waited until now to drop your dough on the canine and lagomorph of legend, you’re very much in luck. If you buy the season right now, you’ll only pay $19.95 USD. That’s a full $15 off the regular price. Jump on this deal before it ends.

After I have given this episode a thorough play through, I will be sure to write a full-length review right here at Macgasm. If you have any specific questions or concerns about this season of Sam & Max, please drop me a line in the comment section of this post.

If you’d like a little taste of what you’re in for with “The City That Dares Not Sleep,” you should watch the video below:

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