RunKeeper: It’s the Nike+iPod, but free. Oh, and it works on the iPhone.

Some of us need a little push to get exercising.  That’s pretty much me.  I had the luxury of a fairly athletic childhood, but once the ol’ parental push ended, I kinda stopped working out in any capacity.  I needed to find new motivation. Almost nine years since high school, I decided it was time to get myself active again.

What better way than using my beloved gadgets and Macgasm as a motivation.

I found a sweet iPhone app that’ll let me track my activity, and I was ready to hit the bike trails again.

RunKeeper was the perfect tool.  It has a bunch of different options for your activities (running, cycling, hiking, skiing, etc) and then maps them out on a google map.  It keeps track of your trip information, and it lets you know the speed you’re traveling, the time you’ve been exercising and a nice little bar graph of your energy bursts (No idea what it’s officially called, you can see a screenshot in the gallery below). For the record, the low point on the graph is where I almost barreled over a little girl, luckily I avoided her and the trees. I’m not sure why the high point is so high. I swear, it was not chemically induced.

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