Run for the hills. Here come the terrorist zombies!

Just when I thought that the impending Zombie Apocalypse couldn’t get any worse, I wake up to find out that Appular has made all of our worst nightmares just a little bit worse. Terrorist zombies are on the brink of invading our homelands.

If you had a hard time sleeping before, just imagine how bad the Zombie Apocalypse will be when Al Qaeda start unleashing zombie terrorists on us. Not only will we have to worry about suicide bombers, but we’ll also have to worry about neurotoxins flying all over the place, threatening to turn us all into bomb-toting zombies. Great, thanks Champion Software. I won’t be sleeping for months.

The game premise is pretty simple. You have a full military battalion at your disposal, and your battalion comes complete with a barrage of weapons that will brutally dispose of the zombies.

If you’re into zombies and killing terrorists you can get this game for both your iPhone (0.99) and iPad (1.99).

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