Rumor: New iMac Coming In September


It looks like stock for the current iMac is coming to a standstill. AppleBitch is reporting that a traditionally reliable source is saying that no new stock is anticipated until two weeks from now. While there still isn’t much information to be had, this does certainly line up with Apple’s supposed mid-September product unveilings. It makes sense because the current iMacs are just about a year old.

In an update to the same post, it is speculated that the new iMac won’t have a Retina screen because there isn’t much in the way of a price difference from their sources. Let’s not be too hasty, though. Much like it did with its MacBook Pro models, Apple could keep a large and small version of their iMacs sans Retina and introduce a brand new expensive model with kickass graphics.

In any case, we can almost certainly expect an update to the Ivy Bridge platform, faster RAM, USB 3 support, and a better graphics card. Even if we don’t see a Retina update next month, the iMac will still be a great value. I do 90 percent of my work sitting in front of the current iMac, and it is a friggin’ powerhouse. Better guts are always welcome, though.

Source: AppleBitch
Image Credit: Vincent Wei

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