New iPad To Launch This Summer?

According to a Chinese newspaper that goes by the name ‘Apple Daily’, a new iPad will be launched by the end of the summer. And while this probably isn’t the 7-inch iPad we’ve all been waiting for, if released, it could stir up the tablet market. This new iPad is supposed to feature a thinner design, a better battery and an even better screen. The new screen is also supposed to feature indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) panel technology, which would allow for these changes. Apple Daily has also reported that Apple will switch display manufacturers from Samsung to Sharp.

I’m not totally sure if I believe this rumor, as the current iPad was only introduced a few months back. If this iPad was indeed introduced, we definitely see it being introduced alongside the new iPhone and possibly smaller iPad in the August to October timeframe. Remember, these are only rumors until we hear it from Cupertino, so don’t sell your current iPad just yet!

Before we sign off for this article, what do you think about a new iPad being introduced before the end of the year? Would you buy it, or would you stick with your current iPad? Let us know in the comments.

Source: DigiTimes via TechnoBuffalo
Image Credit: stephanridgway

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