Microsoft To Reveal A New Tablet Next Week?

Next Monday, June 18, 2012, Microsoft is holding a secret press conference. While the venue has yet to be released, Microsoft has confirmed that it will take place somewhere in Los Angeles. Microsoft has said that they will be introducing something “major” during the event but have not said anything beyond that.

According to The Wrap, an individual “with knowledge inside the company” has details that point to Microsoft releasing their own tablet hardware at next week’s press event. This tablet will supposedly run on an ARM chip using Windows 8 RT. While I was unable find information beyond this, it does seem very likely that Microsoft is working on their own in-house tablet to compete with Apple and Samsung who currently own most of the tablet market.

While I (and probably most of you!) usually find it hard to get excited about anything Microsoft related, I’m hoping that Microsoft announces a Nokia designed Windows RT tablet with a design similar to the Lumia 900. While I wouldn’t buy the tablet, the hardware would definitely be cool to look at as the Lumia series of phones are absolutely beautiful.

Source: The Wrap
Image Credit: Amit Chattopadhyay

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