Google Maps For iOS To Launch Tonight

Google Maps for iOS will hit the App Store tonight. Google has hinted on more than one occasion that Google Maps will be making a return to iOS after Apple ditched it with iOS 6. However, Google never gave us an official release date.

Google releasing its mapping application on the App Store has been much requested by iOS users. Apple’s in-house mapping application kind of sucks at giving people directions. In fact, the Australian government recently warned that Maps may cause you to get stranded in a conservation reserve.

Apple also decided to leave biking and public transportation directions out of its official Maps app, two features which I (and many others) used on a frequent basis before iOS 6. Google has long offered stellar directions for both bikers and public transportation commuters, so it’ll be pretty exciting to check out its new and improved application when it hits the App Store tonight.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.