Apple Working On 2TB SSDs For New Mac Pro?

Apple may be working on massive 2TB solid state drives for the rumored 2013 Mac Pro. The report, although unconfirmed, claims that Apple is working on a 2TB SSD with a standard SATA connector, not a proprietary SAS port. The drive also features standard 3.5-inch sizing, just like the drives in the current generation Mac Pro. The originators of the rumor reportedly saw the drive for themselves and noted a large Apple logo printed on it.

If the new Mac Pro does indeed feature four-hard-drive bays like the current generation Mac Pro, we could see the Pro boast up to 8TB of storage if completely maxed out. Unfortunately, we’d also expect a high price tag to go with this as a standard 512GB SSD costs an additional $750 via Apple’s website on the current Mac Pro. The publication did not post photos of the drive.

Hopefully we’ll see Apple’s new Mac Pro launch sometime this year once Intel’s next-generation Xeon chips arrive. Apple CEO Tim Cook also promised something new for professional users sometime during 2013.

Image Credit: Yutaka Tsutano

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