Apple Store Genius Bar To Be Modified To Increase Capacity?

An image of a potential new design for the Genius Bar has surfaced that’s lost the traditional desk at the back of the store and replaced it with a 10-foot long table perpendicular to the back wall that features seats on both sides of the table. This new design hasn’t been seen in many stores, which suggests that the Apple staff are just testing it out at this point as a potential remodelling of the Genius Bar.

For those that don’t know, the purpose of the Genius Bar in Apple Stores is for the Apple “Geniuses” to assist customers with purchases, training, and broken or damaged items. The traditional design only seated seven customers, whereas this new design allows twelve to be seated. Wires and connectors would be stored under the table and the Geniuses’ equipment will be stored in the drawers on the back wall.

While it’s unclear if this design will really appear in Apple Stores, IFOAppleStore claims that it is being used in at least a few stores, although their exact locations are not yet known.

This is an interesting idea and would really work in stores that have a more narrow layout, but for stores that already feature a larger Genius Bar that seats more people, it wouldn’t really be necessary. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

Source: IFOAppleStore via 9to5Mac
Image Credit: IFOAppleStore

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