Apple May Switch Back To Samsung For Its Display Needs

Though Apple is involved in numerous lawsuits with Samsung and has looked to decrease its reliance on the Korean company, there is a report tonight from ET News that Apple could be looking to use them as the main LCD supplier in future products.

From ET News:

The industry is guessing that one of the reasons Apple decided to come back to Samsung Display is because of the thin glass. Samsung Display’s thin glass vendors have made a very visible growth in the industry, because Samsung Display, unlike LG Display, relies on its vendors for most of the thin glass processes.

Apple has been using thin glass displays on many of its products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. Samsung also makes use of its display technology in its own smartphones, such as the Galaxy S Series.

This runs contrary to last year’s news that Samsung was no longer going to ship displays to Apple any more due to a “stiffer supply-chain management structure.”

Apple currently uses multiple companies for their displays, including LG and Japan Displays.

There are a few reasons that Apple could be going back to Samsung for their displays. For one, Apple may not be getting the display yield they want from current suppliers, or the display costs could be higher than desired. Apple also could view Samsung’s displays as being of better quality.