Rumor: iPhone 5 release date tipped as October 21st

Tasty, tasty rumors abound. Some juicy rumors taste pretty good whereas others leave a bad taste. But the iPhone 5 has been whispered to be lining up for an October 21st release date.

Reports are out that an O2 customer service representative let slip to a ‘tipster’ that the next-generation Apple handset will land around the end of October.

Back in May this rumor was doing the rounds, but was of course shouting about November 21st as the release date. However, lending an intriguing air of credence to this version is that earlier this month Best Buy let a store plan leak out that hinted at October 21st also. The O2 customer rep may have just given us the first solid piece of info from within a UK-based network.

Rumours can be exhausting and often become tiresome. When a rumor has an Apple logo attached to it, it’s always thick like tar. We’ve danced this dance before and we will continue to do it each year the new iPhone is scheduled for release. Hell, we waded through 10 years of rumors before the iPad was squeezed out. But maybe, just maybe, it’s safe to pencil October 21st into your calendars.

Source: KnowYourMobile
Via: T3