What Do Obama, Back Doors, Ant-Man, Robots, And Facebook Have In Common?

…They’ve all managed to find their way out of the echo chamber and into our editors’ sights this week. Here are 5 fantastic articles that have captured our interest, and our attention over the weekend.

1. Obama Alums Migrating To SF For Tech Sector Jobs.

It looks like those responsible for putting Obama in power, and those working for the current administration are heading to SF looking for jobs in the tech sector. Including, but obviously not limited to speech writing for CEOs in Silicon Valley. Crazy stuff.


2. Countries Are Fighting Over Your Back Door: The Crypto War.

As criminals take their devices “dark”, law-enforcement agencies are struggling to keep up with new encryption methods. It’s not easy eavesdropping on messages and emails any more. But, that said, the debate is on: Should there be a back door into devices?

The Daily Dot

3. The Machines May Be Taking Over, But It’s Not In Their Interest To Exterminate Humans.

Sure, “robots” have been taking human life for quite some time now, but is it in their best interest to exterminate humanity once they become sentient? Probably not.

The New York Times: Bits

4. Understanding The Facebook News Feed Algorithm.

There’s no point. It makes zero sense. That said, if you’re a glutton for punishment and you enjoy a good flogging once in a while, Time has an excellent article up that explains exactly how the news feed does — or should we say doesn’t — actually work.


5. Ant-Man, The Physics Of Shrinking, And The Higgs Boson

Why wouldn’t you read an excellent article about the physics behind shrinking and the Higgs Boson through the lens of Ant-Man. This article is exactly why I love BoingBoing.

Worth a read.


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