Rock’em Sock’em robots available in the AppStore

Sometimes you need to punch a robot in the mouth. Technology can be a pain, so anytime someone gives me an avenue for beating up on technology I jump in head first. Spreadsheets not working? Monitor flickering weird? Take it out on a robot.

smackBOTS lets you do just that. It’s that old sock’em up game that was around when I was a kid, you know, the one where you’re boxing and trying to knock each others heads off. Well we can now do it on the iPhone. The game isn’t very deep, and it epitomizes the term “casual game”, but it’s fun for ten minutes.

Tap the screen as fast as you can, and hope to knock your opponents head off. You have the ability to customize your robot, upgrade, and fight with other people online. Only problem… there doesn’t seem to ever be anyone online.

Image Credit: PantlessCrab

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