Protect Your iPhone Without Losing Style With The Truffol Case

The iPhone 5 is a stunning device without a case, but unfortunately, its brushed aluminum back can get scratched easily by pocket change, keys, and other things that may reside in your pocket. Because of this, I always keep my iPhone in some sort of protective shell. There are a wide variety of these cases available online and in-stores, but most of them are made out of plastic or soft silicone. However, I recently stumbled upon the Truffol case for the iPhone 5: a sexy aluminum bumper with an optional leather back.


The Truffol case comes in two separate editions: the Signature Minimalist and the Signature Classic. The Signature Minimalist case is essentially a aluminum bumper for your iPhone. The aluminum is brushed and goes well with both the black and white models of iPhone 5. This bumper covers all of the iPhone’s buttons, but has passthrough buttons that makes them look classy and still easily accessible. The Signature Minimalist also includes a rubber-coated stainless steel fame that makes for a more completed look and keeps your iPhone securely placed in the bumper.

One issue I have with the Signature Minimalist is the fact that is doesn’t cover your iPhone’s rear shell. However, this problem can be fixed with the Signature Classic. This edition of the Truffol case offers a backplate that is covered in leather. This cover feels smooth in the hand and really completes the look of the case. The leather backplate is offered in multiple color options, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style and personality.

The only major complaint I have about the Truffol’s design is the mute switch cover. This button isn’t permanently attached to the Truffol and requires you to seat it every time you install the case. This button is extremely small, making it both hard to seat and very easy to lose. Truffol doesn’t seem to offer replacement mute switches via their website, so if you lose yours, you’ll be stuck buying a new case.


Not only does the Truffol case look nice, it protects your iPhone as well. The aluminum bumper can protect your iPhone from everyday drops on the sides of your device. If you happen to drop your iPhone on it’s rear-shell, you’re covered as well. Both the leather insert and the stainless steel insert raise your iPhone’s your iPhone off of a flat surface, this means that your iPhone will absorb little impact when dropped on its back.

The only thing that worries me about the Truffol case is drops on the front of the device. When the case is properly installed, the glass on your iPhone’s screen will be almost flush with the metal band. This means that, if you were to drop your iPhone on its front, all of the shock of the impact would be transferred directly to the glass on your screen, likely causing a crack or two to emerge. On the bright side, the front of the case looks very classy an well made.


All in all, I’m very impressed with the Truffol case for the iPhone 5. Without a doubt, the Truffol case is a direct competitor for some of the higher-end iPhone cases and bumpers like the Element case. However, with the case starting at only $60 for the Signature Minimalists edition, you’re paying much then you’d pay for a comparable Element case. If you’d like to purchase the Signature Classic edition, expect to drop $75.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.