The Champ Returns: Reeder Updated For El Capitan


Reeder was recently updated for El Capitan, but also got a slew of functional updates as well. I think that the first thing you’ll notice is a visual update. The app’s familiar three panel outlook is still there, though if you add an additional syncing account you end up with a fourth panel. Everything is a but softer all around, and the updated icon is really nice.

The functional updates aren’t anything to skip over. The support for Instapaper and Readability accounts is helpful. I kept Readkit around for that very use case, so it saves a bit of space on my drive. Not to mention that Reeder has a much better navigation setup. (The gestures for Mac are why I’ve stayed with this app for so long.) There’s improved support for sharing extensions, hopefully there will be more apps that actually use them.

What’s Good?: Improved Look, Instapaper Support.

What Sucks?: No read on scroll.

Buy It?: If you want an RSS reader for Mac, Reeder is still the best. Pick it up on the Mac App Store for $9.99

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