Spl-T Is A Simple And Addictive Puzzle Game


Spl-T is a simple, yet genius little puzzle game. It has a simple concept. You start with a blank screen, and you divide it with a a horizontal line. Then you have to place a vertical line. You alternate between the two cutting the screen into smaller and smaller shapes. The rub comes in that when you divide an area into equal parts you’ll have to wait a few turns for them to disappear. Once they do, more blank space drops in from the top of the screen.

The game has simple graphics that evoke the Apple II era of gaming. Everything is black and white, and the soundtrack is a simple chip tune. As a package, the whole game is a minimal masterpiece. The simplicity evokes something like Threes, and it has the same sort of addictiveness. This is going to be a game that you find yourself playing when you’ve got a spare minute or two to kill.

What’s Good?: Simple game, a quick time killer.

What Sucks?: No social leaderboards.

Buy It?: If you’re looking for a quick puzzle game, check out Spl-T. Get it on the App Store for $2.99.

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