Pinnner Brings A Unique Share Extension To Pinboard On iOS


I think that Pinboard is one of those web apps that everyone uses a bit differently. You can see that quite clearly in the way each of the iOS apps handles pins. Some focus on your pins, others stress browsing community pins. Pinner does a good job of both, but it’s most powerful tool is the Quick Pin share button. This allows you to preconfigure the tags you want for your common saves. You can still save normally with another button, which gives you the full set of options.

I don’t know that this will be a huge boon if you already have your Pinboard client of choice. Quick Pin is a nice, but not essential feature. I’m also sure that this is only a me issue, but the share sheets for Pinner doesn’t work with App Store links. This negates one of my main reasons for having a Pinboard client on iOS. This is a well made app, and I think it has a really nice look. It’s spartan, but this is a catagory that could easily be overdesigned.

What’s Good?: Clean look, Quick Pin is a unique feature.

What Sucks?: Doesn’t work with App Store links.

Buy It?: If you’re still in the market for a Pinboard app, try Pinner. Get it on the App Store for $4.99.

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