Keep Your iPod Touch Sleek And Stylish With The Corduroy Case

The iPod touch fifth-generation is by far one of my favorite Apple devices in terms of design. However, since it offers a metal back, it’s prone to surface scratching and scuffing. However, if covered with a good case, you can save your iPod from this abuse. One of my favorite cases for the iPod touch is the Corduroy Case by ADOPTED: a colorful semi-transparent TPU case with ridged shell.

The case itself offers a very minimalist design as it only covers your iPod’s rear shell and sides. However, it does a good job of this and is sure to protect your iPod from drops on the back and sides of the device. To install the case, simply clip it onto your iPod. Once installed, you’ll still have access to all ports, buttons, and the infamous Loop strap. Holding the case in your hand feels very comfortable and even a bit grippy. This added bit of grip will help you to stop dropping your iPod.

All in all, I think the Corduroy case for iPod touch is perfect for those who want minimalist protection from scratching for their iPod Touch. The case both looks good and keeps your iPod in it’s original form. If you’d like to purchase a Corduroy case for your iPod touch, expect to pay $29.95 for the case on ADOPTED’s website. You can purchase the case in one of four colors: black tint, clear, citron, and regatta.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.