iHome resuscitated the boombox with the iP4 and we took it for a spin

You may not be old enough to remember the popular ghetto blaster, which could be described as one of the most recognizable icons of the 80s, and if that’s true, iHome would like to introduce you to their version of the boombox, the glorious iP4. This over the top (in every way that is awesome) contraption is a mashup of new school technology and old school styling.

Having actually had the priviledge to carry around a ghetto blaster back in the day, the iHome iP4 is a welcome throwback to a simpler time, clad in zebra print and head spins.  The unit is deceptively lightweight, ringing in at 7.5 pounds, and is clad in a rubber material that has a truly unique “give” feel to it.  The iP4 also comes with a handy shoulder strap for when your arm gets tired of holding it next to your head! Oh and of course, you can keep the jams going when you’re on the move via 6 D-sized batteries.

Complete with an FM tuner, and the obvious iPhone dock sitting center stage, the iP4 provides just about all of the comforts you’ve come to expect from iHome. One unique feature is a bar that swings down from above the iPhone for when you are rocking your blaster on the go. The bar keeps the iPhone in place, so feel free to roller skate up and down broadway with it any chance you get.

iHome could have easily just boxed up a standard iPhone dock with an FM radio and made it look like this, but they actually put some time and thought into the details. The device has a fully adjustable 5 band EQ that can generate a really nice array of sounds. With its dual 4-inch woofers and independent 1-inch tweeters, the iP4 generates really clean and dynamic crystal clear sound, without jeopardizing the lows that a lot of today’s music demands.

One thing you’ll notice when glancing at the iP4 are the giant knobs and buttons that adorne its face. These aren’t just purely aesthetic and are used to adjust volume, tune stations and work the EQ to fit your listening needs, just like that classic boombox from the 80s.

While, I’m not quite sure you’ll be ready to carry the iP4 around town, it does make a really nice stationary conversation piece. The updated, yet true to form 80s styling looks amazing in almost any room. Overall the sound really impressed me as well, making this much more than just a piece of nostalgia art.

If you want to relive the 80s or just really think it looks cool like I do, you can pick one up directly from iHome for under $200, which is really reasonable given the styling, size and music quality this thing pumps out. Oh, and it comes in hot pink.

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