Free App Of The Week: Flick Kick Football

If you haven’t hit the App Store to check out the App of the Week, I highly recommend you pop in to grab a copy of Flick Kick Football for the iPhone and iPad.

Whether you’re a fan of football (or soccer, depending on what part of the world you’re in) or not, there’s a ton of fun to be had flicking the ball through defenders toward the goal.  As the name suggests, the gameplay is incredibly simple; flick to kick, that’s pretty much it. Flick longer for longer shots, or flick in a curved motion to bend it like Beckham. Simple.

But as simple as it is, there’s something amazingly gratifying about threading the needle through a pack of defenders to curl a shot past the keeper into one of the corners.

Flick Kick Football does a fantastic job tying gameplay and atmosphere to create an entirely immersive experience. Set in the Golden Age of Football there’s a unique retro feel to everything from the menus to the appearance of the players. The stadium, crowd, and players are all crisp-looking, and the ambience created by the sounds of the game is impressive. The crowd noise, chants, horns and the like… and the painful silence after a series of misses. It feels like you’re on the pitch.

With a number of game modes ranging from target practice to time trials, there’s enough variation on the flick-to-kick gameplay to keep you going, and with OpenFeint and Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements, the ultra-competitive may not be able to put this down at all.

Big thanks to the App Store for another solid App of the Week.

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