Dungeon Of The Endless Is Several Genres In a Blender


Dungeon of the Endless fits into a niche of gamers that might only be me. Combining resource management, Sci-Fi RPG, and a bit of tower defense. You play one of a few different characters that crash land on a planet, and you have to make it floor by floor protecting a crystal.

The crystal is a power source that allows you to power rooms as you open them. This then allows you to place generators, shields, and turrets. These are used to defend your crystal as you explore the level. Once you find the exit you can either grab the crystal and run for it or continue to explore the level.

As you escape each level you’ll have to battle for every inch. The game seems to relish making it as hard on you as possible, likely drawing some influence from rougelikes. The mixture of action and exploration is interesting, but I think that the game may have a limited appeal.

What’s Good: Variety of characters, exploration and resource makes game more than hack and slash.

What Sucks: Steep difficulty curve.

Buy It?: If you like odd RPGs and don’t mind a challenge, check out Dungeon of the Endless. Grab it on the App Store for $4.99.

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