Search For Evidence In This Unique Puzzle Game: Dead Drop Blues


Dead Drop Blues is a fun puzzle game that has you completing puzzles on maps to complete dead drops. These are accompanied by case files detailing where the maps were found, and what they were used for. It’s a good framing device. You get a map grid and a set number of arrows you have to connect two points on the map. You do this by rotating some arrows and placing other arrows that are set in a certain direction. As the maps get more complex, the simple concept becomes surprisingly difficult to solve.

The story is interesting, and all told via text files you get when starting the cases. There are some issues with the stories’ text, as I found a few typos. It’s nothing serious, but I know that might bother some people. The cold cases from the RCMP are all written in a straight procedural style, and create an interesting story from just text. This is a pretty simple game, but has a lot detail in its story and presentation.

What’s Good: Devious puzzles, good story.

WS: Some typos in text.

BI: If you’re a fan of good puzzles or just like interesting game concepts, check out Dead Drop Blues. Get it on the App Store for $1.99.

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