Cross The Endless Dungeon With Skeletomb


The phrase “Crossy Road” of X“ is already been vastly overused, as the successful game inspires hundreds of clones. Skeletomb was given the tag, ”Crossy Road for RPG.” It’s not a bad short hand. Though you don’t really do much more than run through dungeons and collect coins.

This game is kind of fun, but doesn’t have a lot of charm. You seemingly unlock new characters at random, and you have to watch an ad every time. They’re all voxel art, but you can customize the color of their eyes, skin, and hair. There’s two modes, endless and adventure. Adventure has you journey into the dungeon via a predetermined set of levels. Endless is just purely random. The game isn’t original, but does have some fun with presepective and does some other unique things.

What’s Good?: Plays with persepctive, customizable characters.

What Sucks?: Not the most original game.

Buy It?: If you like rougelikes and pixel art, you may want to check out Skeletomb. Get it on the App Store for free.

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