The Sexy Coolermaster ARC Is A MacBook Pro And iPad Stand All In One

I recently got the chance to test out the new ARC stand from Coolermaster. It holds your MacBook Pro in a vertical standing position on your desk so you can use it in clamshell mode, hooked up to your large monitor and keyboard and mouse combo. It’s not a new idea, but the ARC has a twist to it: it can also double as an iPad stand.

The ARC consists of a solid heavy oblong base, with a rubberized groove designed specifically to snugly hold your MacBook Pro. I tested a plastic MacBook in there as well, and it was a little too thick to go all the way down. It’s not one size fits all, and the box does clearly say that it’s for a MacBook Pro, so don’t expect that it will work with every MacBook.

The long groove is for the MacBook Pro, but the smaller groove across the top is for the iPad. I found that the iPad when inserted in the top stood up quite upright, but was secure. It would be ideal for setting it up to watch a video or two, but not as a stand for hands on use of the iPad.

The base is solid and weighty, and not in any danger of tipping over. It comes in both white and black versions, and is available at the Apple Online Store for $59.99. Coolermaster is also running a Facebook contest and giving away an ARC to twenty lucky people who share how they would or would not use an ARC. There are some humorous entries there. Check it out if you want to win one.

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