CARROT Follows You Home, Brings Weather To The Mac


CARROT Weather brought the sardonic weather report to iOS. The app recently came to the Mac, marking the first time the malevolent AI has escaped from iOS. (I’m hoping to see the other apps make their way to OS X.) If you missed the original review of the app, the premise of CARROT Weather is simple. You get your daily weather report from an abusive AI, along with a pithy quote. You get hourly forcecasts, instant precipitation alerts, and automatic forecasts via Notification Center. You also get a bunch of secret locations, unlockable by meeting specific criteria. These are place like Hoth, Mordor, and The North Pole. It’s a fun take on a weather app, and has a lot more personality than most apps.

What makes the Mac App interesting, is that it acts as a notification relay for your iOS apps. You can even sync the lcaotion of your iOS device, so that your remote device drives that data on the Mac. I am not sure why this isn’t baked into the iOS app, but it does mean your getting a bit more than just a desktop client for the app. That is nice because CARROT Weather is a bit on the expensive side for a weather utility.

What’s Good?: Great personality and design. Novel bridge to iOS app.

What Sucks?: Expensive.

Buy It?: If you want a notification bridge for your iOS app and want some personality in your Mac’s weather reporting, check out CARROT Weather. Buy it on the App Store for $11.99.

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