Armello Blends Storybook Visuals With Fantasy Gameplay


Armello is the sort of game that I think exemplifies what’s great about indie development. The game combines strategy RPGs and board games into something really unique. There’s a bit of a story too, most of which you pick up from a prolouge that introduces you to each of the four factions: Wolves, Rabbits, Rats, and Bears. Each clan is fighitng to take over the kingdom after the king, a Lion, is tainted with Rot. Rot is an evil magic that corrupts.

That drives the drama of the story, but it’s versitle enough to roll along with the board game nature of the gameplay. You pick your faction and either AI or other players can round out the rest.

Regardless of your approach to winning the game, you’ll do the same thing every time. You’ll take over settements to get resources. You investigate ruins to find treasures and fight the banes of the rot. You can also use cards to booby trap spaces for when your oponnents enter them. The cards also give you your equipment, party, and spells. Battles are done via dice rolls, though there is an interesting card burn mechanic that helps you set your rolls.

On gameplay alone there’s a lot to like here. The game is compliated, but easy to pick up once you start playing it. Though I think what’s most impressive about this game is the art style. Everything has this storybook look, as if Beatrix Potter had written Lord Of The Rings. In addition to the imprssive characters, all of the cards have uniuqe artwork and animations. It’s fantastic. I recommend playing it just to see all of the cards.

What’s Good: Mixture of RPG and tabletop in a perfect balance, excellent artwork.

What Sucks: The game is complex.

Buy It: If you’re a fan of great artwork and/or unique takes on the RPG, check out Armello. Get it from the [developer for $19.99.]( (

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