Retro Review: Number Munchers

    Ok, so maybe this is not as much of a review as it is a reminiscing of the good ol’ days of elementary school. Number Munchers played a huge part in my life when I was younger. I always hated math, but because of this “game” I was able to battle through and get good grades. I remember booting up the old Apple ][, Putting the 5 1/2 floppy in, hitting Control-OpenApple-Delete on the keyboard and seeing the screen of a “game” that I didn’t even know involved learning. That is truly what made this game great though. You were having fun, but learning at the same time. There were five categories in the game: Multiples, Factors, Primes, Equality, and Inequality. After every third game or so you would get a nice little cut scene as well. So you played and got entertainment. Number Munchers also had a Sister game called Word Munchers, though it was not quite as fun. In 1995, Number Munchers was replaced by Math Munchers.

    But you may be asking, “Corey, Why are you bringing this up?” Well recently I found a site that has a flash version of Number Munchers and it is simply called . So now I leave you, but if you have ever wanted to relive a truly great Game from the 80’s and early 90’s, go to the site and play away.

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