Repair Just About Anything With Sugru

The MagSafe adapter is a great laptop charger, but unfortunately the cable can get frayed and damaged over time. While you could purchase a new one when your charger starts to kick the can, that can be expensive and unnecessary when the mechanics inside of the adapter are still functioning perfectly. This got me thinking that there has to be some way to fix the MagSafe adapter by myself. Luckily, there is with Sugru, an innovative new rubber material that molds and hardens to objects yet still remains flexible.

Once you purchase a packet of Sugru, you can simply mold the material around the frayed part of your MagSafe adapter. Once applied, let the rubber sit overnight so it can bond with your cable. In the morning, you should notice that the applied Sugru has hardened but is still flexible. This allows you to reinforce your MagSafe without losing out on any flexibility.

Not only can Sugru be used for fixing cables, but it can be used for fixing and even improving on other gadgets, gizmos and other odds-and-ends around your apartment or house. For instance, some people have used Sugru to replace the volume buttons on their iPhone 3GS while others have used the putty to silence their bicycle’s mudguard. With a whole website dedicated to Sugru uses, the possibilities are endless with the putty.

Sugru can be purchased in many different quantities on According to Sugru’s website, the most popular choice is the eight-pack that includes eight 5g packets of Sugru putty. The material is available in multiple different colors including black, blue and red amongst others.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.