Razer Releases JungleCat: A Popout Game Controller Case For Your iPhone

The fine folks at Razer have released JungleCat, a new game controller case for your iPhone. The twist? Instead of being a controller that you clip on when you game, the game pad pops out of the case when you need it.  You can then stow it away and slide your phone back into your pocket.

The JungleCat keyboard is built like an SNES d-pad, has ABXY buttons, and hides quite nicely behind your iPhone when it’s not in use. Available in White and Black, the JungleCat will sell for $100.00, and you can get it from the Razer store.

The gamepad fully supports “iOS 7” and comes with a companion application that lets you adjust controller settings like sensitivity and remap buttons.  The app will let you save 20 different game profiles. Any time you open a game with a saved profile, your controller will load the appropriate button schemes for you.

If you’ve been around as long as I have, you probably remember a particular iPhone concept before the first Apple phone even shipped. The concept looked like an iPod classic, but underneath the screen was a slide out keyboard.  This case is just like that.

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