Quicktime has buffer overflow problems, but it seems to be Windows only

Everyone and their brother is reporting right now that a vulnerability in Quicktime has surfaced and by association everyone is assuming OS X is not as secure as everyone claims it is. The problem, according to computerworld website seems to be a problem with accessing real-time streaming protocol, and “The player then automatically tries to open an HTTP connection on Port 80. An attacker can exploit the weakness by duping a user into visiting a malicious site that includes an rtsp:// link; when QuickTime fails to connect, it would automatically seek out an HTTP server on the same system.” Seems like a pretty scary concept that should be addressed immediately. But, computerworld points out that “it appears that only the Windows version of QuickTime is vulnerable; the Mac OS X edition apparently doesn’t exhibit the same dangerous behavior”. How funny is that. Not only does Apple claim to be more secure than windows, but it’s also adding to the vulnerabilities of windows… now that is genius, no matter how unintentional it is!

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