Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results

Apple finished up their financial second quarter of 2009 back on March 28th. On April 22, they announced their figures. And, per usual, they impress.

Apple made a killing in terms of sales. The revenue was at $8.16 billion. Yes, that’s eight times the number of iPhone OS applications sold. This is down from last quarter, but that’s to be expected. Last quarter’s revenue was $10.16 Billion. You can’t expect to duplicate the holiday sales for consumer electronics.

Let’s get into actual sales for products. Macs accounted for 2.22 million units, That’s down 300,000 or 11.9% from last quarter, but down 70,000 units versus the second quarter of 2008, which is 3.15%.

iPhone sales totaled 3.79 Million, which makes me feel less special for owning one. That’d down from 18,99/304.36 million during the first quarter, or 12.87% fewer units. Despite being down from last quarter, compared to the second quarter of 2008, sales were doubled. This is to be expected though, since they introduced iPhone 3G last year, and the original iPhone wasn’t selling quite as well, given the higher price of the original. That, plus more markets does help in bumping up the figures.

iPods were, of course, the dominant sales force. There were 11.01 million units sold in the second quarter. It comes to a 51.56% drop in total sales. However, this is no surprise. President’s Day, Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s day iPhone gifts just don’t compare to Hanukkah and Christmas, in terms of consumer electronics, and given the economy this is to be expected.

Guidance for next quarter is definitely conservative. They expect revenue around $8 billion. Although, that’s not far from what they managed to do this quarter. Apple also said they expect to see Jobs back in action, as expected, in late June. Who knows, he may come back for the WWDC keynote, we’ll keep our eyes out for that one.

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