Relive The 1980s And Watch This Dot Matrix Printer Play ‘Eye Of The Tiger’

When I hear a dot matrix printer buzzing away, I think of my grade school’s lab full of early-80s vintage Apple IIe computers. With that in mind, what can be more 1980s than a dot-matrix printer playing Survivor’s 1982 hit Eye of the Tiger?

That’s what I thought.

Vimeo user MIDIDesaster took a MIDI file of the 1980s anthem, tweaked it some to make it dot-matrix-printer-friendly, and fed it to the printer to get this masterpiece. The video is actually a year old, but it’s inexplicably gotten a bunch of attention—and comments in the last few days. Behold, the mysteries of the Internet.

“Eye of the tiger” on dot matrix printer from MIDIDesaster on Vimeo.

(via Gawker)