I’m writing this strictly for the douche on Reddit that said Apple users were too stupid to tell the difference between good quality music and bad rips.  Does your OS have a “Polyphonic stereo subtractive Audio Unit software synthesizer”. No? It doesn’t you say? Hmm, that’s a pretty awesome OS then eh!

We have automat 1.1, what do you have? Riiight.

Now, on with the post. I have no idea what the hell “Polyphonic stereo subtractive Audio Unit software synthesizer” means, but is sounded cool enough for a download.

Essentially it’s a synthesizer. If I need to explain it more than that you’re out of your league. Trust me, I’m out of mine.

Install it by,

* Copy the Automat.component to ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/
* Copy the Automat presets to ~/Library/Audio/Presets/alphakanal/Automat/

Go get your synth on. It says it works in Garageband. I’m going to give it the ole’ once over tonight. I’ll let you know how my Polyphonic stereo subtractive Audio Unit software synthesizer works.

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