We do a podcast/screencast you know!

Some of you might not be aware that we do a podcast, and  a screencasts at a weekly rate.  We currently have them in the same feed, since we want to deliver as much content as possible to our lucky subscribers.  Our podcast usually includes application and news segments, as well as an occasional interview with developers (which we hope to do more of).  Our screencasts are usually centered around tips that most of you might not be aware of.  These could include applications that are flying under the radar, or functionality with in an application that isn’t talked about to often.

We have quite the lineup of screencasts coming up, so I hope you will all subscribe to the feed.  We’d love to help you out!  If you have any questions about an application or function in an application let us know!

Oh,  and incase you missed it… there is a giant subscribe to podcast graphic at the top of the page… click it, and it’ll take you to itunes!

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