Spotlight and Expose Not Working Together Anymore in Leopard (10.5)

For every five things I like about leopard, I stumble across one thing I really hate. I seem to have my hater pants on today, so I thought I’d write a post highlighting my number one gripe of the day. Spotlight is not playing so nice with expose any more.

Let’s test this out!

Open Spotlight. Now Hit F11.
Better Yet. Hit F11, then Open Spotlight.


Why in all that is holy, did Apple change this? What purpose does it server! It’s by far the stupidest thing I’ve seen in Leopard.
I can imagine why the would make the spotlight window get shunted off the screen with expose. It serves no purpose at all. I used this approach a lot in tiger. It became part of my workflow. Am I the only person who did this, and why has no one else noticed this happening?

Video Evidence

Just incase you have not upgraded to leopard as of yet, here is some video evidence of what I mean!

Expose and Spotlight are not playing so nice together. from Joshua Schnell on Vimeo.

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