Rotate your videos: I can’t believe I have to clarify this.


It’s 2008 and somehow some people continue to think that a movie camera works just like a still frame camera. Is it me, or did everyone suddenly jump off the short bus all at once? If you rode the short bus as a kid, chances are you’re probably not gonna get what I’m saying here, so you might just want to give up before you begin.

So, to put things into perspective I received an email today from an old friend, who needed a video rotated that she managed to take at a cottage with some friends. Somehow, I just realized how pathetic of a life I’m living. Somehow while she’s off lounging at cottages having a good time, I’m here working on my computer nonstop. Man. Tis the life of a geek I guess. What’s a good geek do? Turn it into a self-fullfilling post at her expense of course!