Procrastinate now or later?


Put Things Off is a handy little iPhone app from a gentleman by the name of Nick Cernis. It is a mix between a To Do list/Task Manager and a procrastination device. You have the ability to input your tasks and if you don’t date them, you sort them by what you want to do today, or what you can afford to put off. This could be bad for someone like me, I procrastinate quite a bit. That being said though, I found this to be a todo app that I was actually using. Maybe it is because it is fun to say “Nah, I can do that some other time,” but I was planning my days with this. That never occurs with me. I asked Nick in one of our emails if he had any plans of integrating with Google Tasks. He said that it wasn’t anything that was planned due to support issues with a 3rd party. Which is understandable. Though I think we will be seeing quite a bit more out of Nick in the future and hopefully the near future.  For more on Put Things Off, Watch the Screencast below.

[download in hd]

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