Macgasm #037 – A day late a buck short!


Co-Hosts: Joshua Schnell and Dan Grover

We’re working on some new intro music, so we’re still using the same format as last week.  Hope you enjoy the tuneage!


  1. Tinderbox. JS
  2. Tubular (dan)


  1. Dont forget about the ShoveBox Giveaway!
  2. HUGE NEWZ…. HUGE! ;) JS
  3. Apple released updates to its macbook & pro line
  4. iPhone SDK announcement. What will it bring? What’s this about “enterprise” stuff? -DG
  5. Time Capsule is stupid…JS

Intro Music: By Divine Right -  Super Natural
Outro Music: Bedouin Soundclash – When The Night Feels My Song

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