MGV03: Luca works his magic [video]


video podcast site header1 MGV: This isnt my iPad, its Joshs…so if it gets launched…

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Hosts: Brennan Schnell, Joshua Schnell

Special thanks to Mercury Grove for sponsoring the episode.


Sometimes things get a little bit geeky, and this episode is no exception. In today’s episode we chat entirely about reading news on digital devices. Well, it’s not entirely all news. We also talk about the Kobo eReader.

It’s fun to sit back and watch how news delivery mechanisms have changed over the years. Somewhere along the way we went from bookmarking our favorite news websites to subscribing to RSS, and now a lot of people are transitioning from RSS based systems to Twitter based readers like Flipboard.

There’s clearly a struggle going on between the new approach and the old approach, and that struggle is clearly demonstrated in the applications we talk about in this episode. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Oh yeah, you might also want to stick around to the ending. The outro is pretty LAWLtastic.