Macgasm #042 – Don of a new age

Hosted by: Jeremy Pihl & Joshua Schnell
Guest: Don Reisinger

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Show Notes

  1. Did Don wait in line like most of us did for the new iPhone?
  2. We talk GPS on the iPhone, apparently it’s dead on accurate for Jeremy, not so much for Josh.
  3. We get Don’s opinion on the Firmware and AppStore.
  4. Free Apps Vs. Paid For Apps on the iPhone.
  5. I Am Rich. What a Joke! We talk about ways to eliminate stupid applications like I Am Rich.
  6. The Case of the Missing Applications: Box Office, and NetShare.
  7. If we pay for something don’t we own it, and if we do, does Apple have the right to remove it?
  8. Should Apple be responsible for filtering the crap on their AppStore, and should their process be more transparent?
  9. Has Apple Inc. gotten in over their heads, by working on so many new products at once? Does anyone really care?
  10. Does Apple care? Has it become okay to ship half done products and fix them with updates? See “Snow Leopard”, “iPhone 3G Launch“, “Mobile Me“. Don thinks that Apple Doesn’t really care about what its consumers think!
  11. “Dude, Do You Like My Zune?” (© Jeremy Pihl 2008).
  12. Is the Health of Steve Job something that shareholders need to know?
  13. It’s the lack of a No. 2 that’s the problem (hehehe).
  14. What about consumers? Do we have the right to know about his health?
  15. Don’s take on the iPhone as a gaming device. Here’s my take.
  16. Is there really a cost difference between a Mac and a PC with similar specs?
  17. Is the frustration worth the cost?
  18. App picks.
  19. Don’s Pick: Pandora for the iPhone, Josh’s Pick: Where and Shazam, Jeremy’s Pick: Qik (must have an hacked phone… Boooooo.!), and Palringo (don’t have to hack your phone).

If you want to find more of Don’s work, and get his opinions on everything in your digital lifestyle you can check out the rest of his work at CNET’s Digital Home, IT World, ComputerWorld, Information Week, ArsTechnica, and Mashable.

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