Macgasm 040: A Conversation with Mitch Breitweiser

Mitch is one of the artistic geniuses at Marvel Comics. Mitch gained a lot of fanboy buzz with his covers and pencils for the “Drax the Destroyer” and “Captain America: The Chosen” miniseries’. Mitch was nice enough to join us to talk about comic books, his creative process, and how it centers around his Apple obsession!

You can check him out on his blog Inky Fingers and his personal site You can also get some desktop wallpapers of his work on the Marvel website.

  • Mitch talks about his favourite Mac gear, and what he uses in his work flow.
  • How he uses his iMac to get work done.
  • His planned upgrades for the future.
  • His use of Photoshop, and Poser.
  • WWDC hype, and Jeremy’s bizarre rituals.
  • Why he avoided computers growing up.
  • How he got his start as an artist.
  • His opinions on his work being “photo realistic.”
  • Talks about his creative process.