Macgasm #038a: Out takes from the best macgasm ever.


For those of you following me on twitter and were up really late last night, you’re probably aware that I decided to do a quick podcast at like 2 A.M. EST. I think it quickly turned into my favourite episode, and the preshow was by far the funniest 30 minutes I’ve had in awhile. I decided that, as a teaser, I would release four or five outtakes from the preshow. Now be warned, it was really late and I was in quite the mood (a/k/a "drunk"), so there is quite a bit of swearing. We managed to keep things in check for show, but these outtakes are a completely different story.

So if you want a good laugh, give this a quick listen. Let me know what you thought aboot it in the comments.

I apologize in advance.

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